Arizona’s Source for Aerial Drones

Total Control Innovations is Arizona’s source for Aerial Drones. Our staff has over 4 years of experience working on drones. Services include repair, customization, and installation of drones we carry and custom drones. If you’ve never flown a drone before we recommend taking advantage of our group and one on one training. Our training service offers in class and hands on training for all types of drones.

In partnership with our affiliates we are able to offer a variety of services that include aerial cinematography, real estate promotional videos, live event broadcast, inspection, land survey, 3D mapping, agriculture mapping, security, and surveillance.


  • We offer training for a variety of drones we offer.
  • If you’ve never flown a remote controlled drone before, we highly suggest taking advantage of our training session.
  • 5 Hour Course – For Consumer and Commercial users
  • 1st Half: In Class
    • Science and Theory
    • System Familiarization
    • Safety
  • 2nd Half: Hands on Training
    • Field Training with Your Unit
    • Basic Flight Skills
    • Advanced Flight Skills
    • Application


  • Looking to get a custom drone, have your FPV system installed prior to delivery, or need your drone repaired?
  • Custom Install: We can customize your drone with FPV set up along with real time flight data
    • FPV systems include transmitters and receivers, monitors, and in some cases additional radios
  • Want a custom drone? Contact us with your needs.
  • Accidentally crashed your drone while in flight, no worries contact us and we may be able to repair your drone.

Services Start at Only $79

(Discounts are available with all-in-one purchases)


Do you have tons of aerial footage that need editing and you just don’t have the time? We’ll take those untouched aerial footage files and cut a beautiful edit for your next social media campaign or company meeting!

From a 15 second Instagram clip, to full length edits to be uploaded to YouTube or host within your organization, let us help you monetize your investment or promote your company.

We also provide the piloting:

  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial Cinematography
  • Surveying
  • Creative shots
  • Aerial mapping
  • Real Estate footage (Not only aerial but also indoor footage to create a complete story)
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