3DR Solo Smart Phone RC Quadcopter – GoPro Compatible

3DR Solo Smart Phone RC Quadcopter – GoPro Compatible

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3DR Solo Smart Drone for Simplified Aerial Photography

Touted as the world’s first smart drone, The 3DR Solo is the ultimate tool for aerial photographers. Its ease of use allows you to capture high quality videos and images, giving your work the professional look that you want. With a variety of autopilot features, you can program the Solo to a designed flight path, allowing you to focus on capturing breathtaking shots. The Solo is also the first drone that allows you to fully control your GoPro from the controller and mobile app. It also has a feature that trains you on how to fly it, making it the perfect drone for beginners and veterans alike.

Produce high quality photos and videos with a 3DR Solo from Total Control Innovations

Features Include:

  • PixHawk 2 Flight Controller
  • Smart Battery with LED Indicator
  • LED Lights for Directional Awareness
  • OnBoard 1GHz Computer
  • Live HD Video to Your Mobile Device
  • 880Kv Motor
  • Self-Tightening Glass Fortified Nylon Propellers
  • Accessory Bay


Please note: We have a limited amount of Solos in stock. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via email, info@tcirc.com or phone, (480) 427-9959. 

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 15 x 12 in


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solo-spinner-transparent-500pxINTRODUCING THE 3DR SOLO


The 3DR Solo is the next in groundbreaking multirotors. We now have the ability to take unthinkable and breathtaking photos that were only possible from an airplane or helicopter. Are you ready for SMART? [hr]



Contrived with the end user at the forefront, the ergonomically built, 3DR Solo remote is constructed for ease of flight management. The 3DR Solo controller is modeled after video game-style controllers which heighten the pilots experience – regardless of the flyer’s skill level. With easy Pushbutton commands at your fingertip the camera and copter are literally at your fingertips. Whether you are taking off, landing or wanting to pause in midair, you can do this with a single touch. Total control of your camera: Stop, Record, and angle adjustment. All while flying!




A first: The 3DR Solo now integrates with your GoPro Hero3+ or GoPro Hero4 and allows complete control of your camera. This innovative 3-axis gimbal delivers smooth HD video to your mobile device, offering in-flight recording control and complete access to GoPro settings. Best of all – it powers your GoPro. 



2_phone_png copy

Featuring a fully integrated app – utilized by an Android or iOS device. This free app allows you to stream live video to your mobile and enjoy complex camera and quad-copter control, all with a press of a button. 

The app enables various modes, such as, “Selfie”, “Virtual Cable Cam”, “Orbit”, and best of all “Follow Me”.


cablecamCABLE CAM

With the 3DR Solo locked on a virtual leash in the air, you’re free to pan and tilt the camera without worrying about having to pilot the copter. Solo even memorizes the shot at each end point and flies itself from one frame to the next, while controlling the camera for you as smoothly and evenly as a veteran pro.

It’s this easy: Just use the live view on your mobile screen to guide Solo to your desired start and end points. Once those are set, Solo is automatically locked to the virtual cable between them. Now you can focus exclusively on capturing the exact shots you want as Solo moves up and down the tracks—or just push “play” and let Solo handle the camerawork. And really: Even professional pilots can’t get these kinds of shots.




Get a gorgeous “wraparound shot” by locking your GoPro® onto any object with just the push of a button. Orbit mode puts the 3DR Solo on a circular track with an adjustable radius. Coast around the circle in either direction and the 3DR Solo will keep the camera locked on to your subject. Easily adjust altitude and flight speed to create dynamic and complex aerial shots.

It’s this easy: Once Solo is in the air, point the camera at the object you want to film. Press the assigned “Orbit” button and the camera stays fixed on the object. The copter is now locked into a circle around the object. Now control the speed and direction of Solo’s orbit and capture perfectly smooth wraparound shots with no uneven or jerky movements—or tap “play” and Solo will do it all.



Robotically put yourself in the middle of a scenic aerial pullout shot. As the 3DR Solo flies itself up and back, your surroundings expand, constructing and revealing more and more of your surroundings. Capture the clip directly to your mobile for easy sharing.

It’s so simple: Place the 3DR Solo on the ground in front of you with the camera facing you. Tap “Selfie”, press “Fly” and the 3DR Solo will take off with the camera pointed towards you, then fly back and up. When the 3DR Solo reaches the highest part of its flight, it will land right from where it took off, getting an awesome aerial zoom shot on the way back down. Hit “Save” and share this unique “dronie” with others.




Look Ma, no hands! Cruising your boat around the lake, Off-roading with your buds, or just exploring the world, the 3DR Solo will follow you in the air. You are the main attraction, while in this mode, with the camera centered directly on you.

Super simple: Just launch the 3DR Solo and choose “Follow”. Now the 3DR Solo is locked onto your mobile device – which must stay attached with your controller – and you’re ready for action. And since everything is completely automated, you’re completely hands-free to focus on your activity while the 3DR Solo does all the heavy lifting.